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Hi. I’m Matti, Madi, Mädi, or Matdi—however you choose to pronounce the Finnish name ‘Matti’ with an Irish accent. I’m from Ireland and currently reside in central Finland, close to trees, snow, a few shops, and occasionally a car. I sing and play mostly piano, with occasional guitar and harmonica. I write songs about life in a modern civilization that might as well be on the moon.

I’m currently writing an album of music, entitled ‘Lipstick on Elephants,’ that combines voice with piano, guitar, percussion, and a synth or ambient background.

I’m available for strictly background piano gigs and for piano and voice, whether covers or original music. I’ve also written music for video advertisements, short movies, and small video games. If you’d like a quote, get in touch.

You can find the details of upcoming gigs on this website.

I’ll also be posting blog articles and video logs, so stay tuned and check back for content.

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